Uninstalling applications in Mac

Removing or uninstalling applications in mac can be a bit cumbersome as there is no windows like “Add/Remove Programs” option.

1. Instead go to Finder; click on Applications. The different application icons that you see in there is by itself an individual folder. Move the application to Trash.
2. Now, we need to delete the preference files. The preference files are stored with plist as its extension in 2 different locations
Find the plist file for your application in the above 2 locations and delete them!

w00t! Your application is now removed :D

A chat with Nitin Sawhney

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to chat with this awesome guy and a great musician, Nitin Sawhney. He is here in Sydney to perform at Parramasala and he is also doing the background score for the 1929 silent movie “A Throw Of Dice” LIVE this saturday 6th Nov 2010. Cant wait to attend to it. He is a music geek, an inspiration and I learnt heaps from him in just a 5 minute talk! Here is the video.

PS Video taken using iphone 4 ;)