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Uninstalling applications in Mac

Removing or uninstalling applications in mac can be a bit cumbersome as there is no windows like “Add/Remove Programs” option.

1. Instead go to Finder; click on Applications. The different application icons that you see in there is by itself an individual folder. Move the application to Trash.
2. Now, we need to delete the preference files. The preference files are stored with plist as its extension in 2 different locations
Find the plist file for your application in the above 2 locations and delete them!

w00t! Your application is now removed :D

A Presentation on YQL @ GGD Sydney

Last week we organized Geek Girl’s Dinner in Yahoo!7 office where we had about 100 guests coming from different offices in and around Sydney! It was a very good and intelligent crowd!

It was a great night and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Me and Allan , a colleague of mine, together we gave a presentation on YQL and a demo!

Here is the slidecast for this presentation!

Using Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo! Maps API on, more specifically  Ajaxified maps, are very easy to be implemented on our websites! I should admit that the documentation was very decent and the examples were very handy trying to cover different scenarios!

To include a map, after you go through the docco, the first step would be to get the appid using the links on the page

So to insert a map in to a web page:

1. Add a div with specific id (e.g.. <div id=”map”></div>)

2. Add the following JS in the head section of the page:

<script type=“text/javascript” src=“></script>

3. Add the following lines of code:

  • Create a map object

var map = new YMap(document.getElementById(‘map’));

  • Set map type to either of: YAHOO_MAP_SAT, YAHOO_MAP_HYB, YAHOO_MAP_REG


  • Display the map centered on a geocoded location

map.drawZoomAndCenter(“San Francisco”, 3);

While this inserts the map into the page, there are different options and controls that you can add to the map to make it interactive! A few examples:

  • If you want to add a map type control


  • To add zoom control


  • To add panControl


There are whole lots of other stuff you can do, like placing markers on the maps, loggers etc! To make life more easier doing this, GeoRSS is introduced! Its typically RSS 2.0 syndication style but has the tags matching the geocoding style, so you can add information like latitude, longitude, address etc!

For my travel blog escape.stills360 I am working on adding Y! maps and I might be giving out the bit of the code that can generate geoRSS by taking the address! So in the meanwhile go crazy adding maps in your apps :)