Data Aggregation using Yahoo! Pipes

I did a presentation a couple of weeks ago at the National Library, Canberra on Y! Pipes. The attendees included staff from various government departments like Department of Parliamentary services, Library Information services etc. It was a great group and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Did take quite a while to edit and condense the 3 hr long talk to 35 minutes and to make the slidecast. Attached is the slidecast of this presentation. I do hope that it will be helpful in understanding what pipes are and to create them!

How to do a panorama?

After I posted my first panorama, I had loads of ppl ask me how I did it. So here is my take, do keep in mind that I am still a noob so there can be a better way of doing it.

1. Take photos: Yeah, you know this already :) . I have a Canon 400D and it has an option of “Continuous shots”. So I took the continuous shots.

2. Stitching the pics: Now I stitched these pictures together using photoshop. You can also do stitching using Canon’s software called “Photostitch”. Now I have an Panorama - stitched image

3. Creating the applet: Now I just need a panorama viewer, so I did bit of research and found ptviewer, downloaded it on to my server,. Then created a page with the applet, giving the path to the ptviewer.jar. The panorama page Yay! Here is my applet code.

width="650" height="300">
value="images/panorama.jpg" />
<param name=panmin value=-155 >
<param name=panmax value=155 >
<PARAM name=pan value="-140">
<param name=pwidth value=3291 >
<param name=pheight value=465 >

4. Iframing: Now I create a post, and iframe the page into the post and hence my first panorama EUREKA!!